tsunamiiiiii.....come againnnnn


Please be more cautious as the warnings has been given.

I just received this message from a colleague. I don’t know the source of the message; I also don’t know the credibility of the content, but just be aware.

Below is the content on the message:

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

### saper2 yg byk dosa tu tobat cepat2..mana la tau keje tuhan...aku pon nak g tobat nasuha ne....insaf ..insaf...

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